Dr. Ajeet Singh (Family Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A 48 year old obese female presented with complaints of mild edema in legs and weight gain for the past 2 to 3 months. She is a known case of Hypothyroidism(25mcg) with HTN( Amlokind AT) on medications Upon examination, his BP was 190/110, Pulse 110/min Gave her ampoule of lasix and 5mg amlodipine stat I had started her on Tazloc H OD Dytor 5mg OD Vit D3 60k L thyroxine 25mcg continue until fresh TSH reports On follow up visit, her ECG is attached, TSH is 13.85 BP is 130/80mmHg Uric Acid 7.6 Vit D3 is in insufficient category B/L chest clear Hb - 11.8 So now the concerns are - 1) Ideal dose to titrate L thyroxine ? Considering her weight 85 kgs, dosage should be 125mcg ? 2) She has hyperuricemia, so added furic 40 and change tazloc H to Tazloc AM? 3) Kindly comment on ECG
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