Dr. Shoaib Aslam (Family Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Female patient of age 50 *Chief Complaints* Fever Weakness Sometimes chills *History* History of taking medication for same problem from somewhere else but not relief No history of cold/cough/Dm/htn *Vitals* Bp120/70 Spo2 97 *Investigations* Widal: 1:80 ++ 1/160+ Esr:30 TLC 12000 Dated: 17/11/2020 *Diagnosis* Enteric fever?? *Management* I yesterday start 19/11/2020 1) injection monocef 1gm bd 2)inj pantop 3)inj emeset Cap: Becasoule z one od T: zathrin 500 mg od Tab:Dolo 500 mg tds Patient again feel some chill today Should I go for covid Rtpcr?? Any investigation aur treatment advice???
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