Dr. Ranjith Samy (Veterinary) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
"Successful treatment of canine leptospirosis " An unvaccinated mongrel with the history of vomiting &anorexia. clinical examination :temp 39c severe septicemia,icterous sighns noticed. Tentative diagnosis :canine babesiosis /E.canis. Day 1 animal treated with fluid theraphy oxytetracycline ,berenil, antiemetic ,H2blocker hepatoprotectant. pheripheral blood smear was send to ADIU trichy, reveals no blood protozoan infestation, thus diagnosis was narrow down to"canine leptospirosis ". animal was reviewed at 3 days intervel inbetween days followup given with oral doxycycline ,hepatoprotectant .animal recovered fully today after 12 days (note : leptospirosis doxycycline should be given for atleast 2weeks to eliminate renal carrier state(zoonotic importance) adequate fluid theraphy must (organism causing interstial nephritis )if oral water intake nil with dehydration sighns present.
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