Dr. Mohini Saini (Homeopathic Materia Medica including applied aspects (Homeopathy)) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A male 64yrs patient with ulcerative collitis since 2015. He complains for diarrhoea 5-6times daily. Watery stool. He he take sweets or heavy food he have colicky pain in abd. And frequency of stool also increased. He ameliorates from eating curd means if he have curd in food frequency of stool decreases. Have prostomegaly also. Usg- 70mg in size and median lobe enlarged. Desires- sweets, he take salt more also. Appetite - good Thirst - decreased Urine-dribbling urine and if water intake is low then burning also present. Perspiration - profuse. Thermal-hot Mind - irritability present. Anger +. Time punctuality+, if work not complete in time became nervous. P/H - fistula operated. Pt. Is diabetic. Plz suggests your valuable suggestions.
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