Dr. Ashutosh Chandan Dubey (Internal Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
HTN, T2DM, D. Nephropathy, Rt lower limb cellulitis. *Chief Complaints* A 60 yr old male has come with Rt lower limb swelling since 1 week. No associated fever, any wound mark. K/C/O HTN, T2DM, CKD?? Venous doppler of rt lower limb was done which showed subcut edema and pt was diagnosed Cellulitis. Antibiotics targeting staph aureus and streptococcus was started. In mean time I started work up of CKD?? Usg w/a was normal without any CMD, pt had chronically elevated (duration unknown) sr Cr and Urea. 24 hr protein showing nephrotic range proteinuria and fundoscopy showing NPDR. Hence confirmed case of Diabetic Nephropathy. We have started D. Nephropathy target therapy and will be discharging the pt tomorrow.
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