Dr. Pranita Mule (Ayurveda) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Name –xyz Age – 58 yrs Gender – Female Nationality – Indian State – Maharashtra District – Raigad Appearance – Madhyam Physical and mental disposition –Normal Occupation and socio-economic status – Middle class *Chief Complaints* Tremors in right hand since 3 years Stiffness and rigidity in right hand since 3 years Right hand weakness and involuntary movements. *History* Study individual was symptomless before 3 years gradually emerging symptoms like tremors on right hand is observed. Then she approached to civil hospital and started with TAB LCD (Levodopa +Carbidopa) ½-0-½ TAB BEXOL (Trihexyphenidyl/Benzhexol 2mg) ½-0-½ TAB Pramipex 1-0-1 TAB Telmikind 80mg 1-0-0 HISTORY OF PAST ILLENSS – K/C/O- HTN under treatment since 4 years Tab Telmikind 80 mg 1-0-0 ( After food) P/S/H- LSCS (2002) FAMILY HISTORY – Nil. MENSTRUAL HISTORY – G2 P2 A0 L2 D0 Menopause 10yrs back Allergy – nil Addiction – nil Diet - veg *Physical Examination* Subjective- Tremors at rest Right hand weakness , rigidity, stiffness Involuntary movements Objective- No specific test exists Dopamine transporter computed scan (DAT) scan *Investigations* ASHTAVIDHA PARIKSHA - Nadi – sarpa-gati Mal – samyak Mutra – samyak Jivha – saam Shabda – spashta Sparsha – anushnasheet Druk – aaraktavarni Akruti – madhyam O/E – GC- Fair T- Afeb P- 68/min BP-160/90 mm of hg S/E- RS - AEBE - Clear CVS - S1S2 N CNS - Conscious and well oriented P/A – Soft , non-tender P/H- Bowel – clear Bladder – clear Appetite – normal Sleep- normal Thirst – normal *Diagnosis* She was having c/o- Dakshin hasta kampa Dakshin hasta kriyalapata Dakshin hasta daurbalya Dakshin hasta Aniyantrit kriya since 3 years Patient came to opd with prediagnosed by an allopathic physician as PARKINSONISM. As Ayurvedic point of view this symptoms can be shown in KAMPAVATA *Management* 27/02/19 c/o-Tremors on Right Hand Kampavatari rasa 1-0-1 (After food ) Vishatinduk vati 2-0-2 (Before food) Tab Neurivive 2-0-2 (Before food) Zandopa powder 1 tsp-0-1 tsp Dashamularishta 2½tsp-0-2 ½tsp +Ashwagandharishtam 2½tsp-0-2 ½tsp (1 cup of warm water ) Varuni Taila 5ml -0-5ml (with food) F/U on 8/3/19 Treatment - same as above C/O - Tremors on right hand decreases
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