Dr. Deepak Ambastha (Internal Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
H/o Diabetes 10 yrs and hypertension 12yrs *Chief Complaints* Chest heaviness and pain over lt shoulder and arm. *History* A female pt of 70yrs developed moderately severe chest pain (lt) and heaviness along with pain of left shoulder and arm.Chest pain subsided in couple of hrs after taking aspirin but pain and heaviness of shoulder and arm persisting one day later when ECG is being taken.She is diabetic on multiple ohd, F 175 on glucometer .She is also hypertensive on valsartan40.BP 140/80.Comments on ECG and further line of action which may be appropriate. *Vitals* Pulse 90,BP 140/80mmHg *Physical Examination* NAD *Diagnosis* ? *Management* ?
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