Dr. Vilas Bhor (Veterinary) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Case of cow showing completely intussusption, Absense of feaces, only mucous present from 4/5 days, off feed, Treated for 3 days by me, Inj. Ringer lactate 3 litre Inj NS 3 litre Inj. Enrostrong PZ 30 ml Inj. Malonex 30 ml Inj. Dexamethason 10 ml. Liq. Paralex 500 ml, Mag . Sulphate 500 gm But recovery not seens. Take Decision for opreting. Dr. R Chandore, (LDO) Dr. K Toranpawar(LDO) , Dr V Bhor(ALDO) Performed successfully Surgery and Remove the intestinal blocks., 3 rd day faeces passed normally and cow survived with in a weak
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