Dr. Iqbal Sayyed (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Berry-Berry introduction :- There are two types of nerves in the body - the gait MLA (Mottas Nervous) and the Chaitanya Carrier Nervous (Senasori Nervous). When there is inflammation or inflammation in these nerves due to some reason, it is called Berry-Berry. The word Berry-Berry is derived from the language of Lankan Sinali which means more weakness. Some physicians say that it is a type of neuralgia. Some physicians say that it is another name for multidisciplinary inflammation. Berry-Berry disease occurs even when there is not enough nutritious food. In the first stage of this disease, cramps occur in the legs and gulp flowers arise. After this, both the legs swell and then like paralysis the whole body becomes numb. The skin of the patient suffering from this disease becomes dry, constipated or thin squads come, urine is red and eventually the heart organs become diseased. In such a condition of berry-berry disease, there is difficulty in breathing and heart rate increases. In this disease, there is no loss to the brain, little or no urine and sweat comes, there is lack of blood, pulling and swelling in the whole body. If, unlike these symptoms, the patient is sweating more, urine comes and thin diarrhea comes, swelling occurs in the lower limbs, bladder disease, lung and cardiovascular disease are not attacked then it is good symptoms of the disease. . Treatment by special experiments: - The patient suffering from Berry-Berry disease should stay in a warm and pure airy house or should stay in a high place. While treating the disease of the patient with medicines, the patient should take bath in hot water so that sweat comes out from his body, the patient should always wear warm clothes. Food and diet: - In this disease, taking whey, milk or pomegranate juice or mint etc. is beneficial. The patient should not consume sour or hard and heavy things as it may cause harm. Treatment with various medicines: 1. Arsenic- Symptoms occurring in a patient suffering from Berry-Berry disease in which the patient is unable to move his limbs and pain with it, swelling and blood loss occurs. The patient suffering from such symptoms should take Ars 3x or 6 potency. Arsenic medicine is used in all types of Berry-Berry disease. This drug is very useful in removing swelling etc. 2. Iod or Lachesis- If berry-berry disease is accompanied by heart disease, then Iod 3 or Laksis 6 should be used. 3. Pulse or juice-tox- If berry-berry disease causes pain, swelling and anemia, and if arsenic is not given relief, then 2x quantity or 3x or 200 potency of drug should be taken. . 4. Aconite- In the initial stage of Berry-Berry disease, especially if the vascular nerves become more diseased, taking Aconite 3x is very effective. 5. Strychnia-fas- In the absence of inflammation and burning sensation in the nerves of the patient suffering from berry-berry disease, using Stricania-fas 3 is beneficial. 6. Phosphorus- In the symptoms of paralysis (paralysis), weakness and thinning in the body, and the limbs become stiff like vata, etc., Phosphorus 3 or 30 is used. 7. Gels- In the patient suffering from Berry-Berry disease, such symptoms can be seen that occur during the stroke, especially in the lower limbs. In such a situation, giving 3 potency of gels medicine to the patient is beneficial. 8. Bryonia, Cypia, Lathyrus-sativa, Cicelli or Apis- In Berry-Berry disease, if any organs are swollen or spread, they should be called Lathyrus-sativa- 3, Sicily-6, Bryonia- 3, Cipia-6 or Apis-2. Any one of the medicines like Shakti etc. can be consumed. 9. Cratagus, cactus or amil barber- If the heart of the patient becomes weak in berry-berry disease and shows signs of other diseases, then the patient should take 2 potency of mother tincture of cratagus, mother tincture of cactus or amil barber. Benefit. 10. Ginseng In addition to the medicines used in the symptoms of swelling of berry-berry disease, difficulty in breathing, increased heartbeat, speed of pulse, and irregularity, these medicines are intermittently used for more benefit in the disease. Also required are: - Mother tincture, phosphorus, lycopodium, netrum-sulfur, pluffbum or ilatorium etc. of Convaria. If the patient suffering from Berry-Berry disease feels as if the heartbeat will stop now. In such a feeling, the patient should use Ginseng 3x for treatment.
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