Dr. Iqbal Sayyed (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Eletris pharynosa Q - 5 drops, Viburnum guni Q - 5 drops, Aqua - One Aus - mix them. This is a quantity. Giving one dose daily to a pregnant woman gives strength to the uterus, which reduces the possibility of miscarriage. When bleeding starts, giving it may stop the bleeding. • Belladonna 3X - 2 drops, Viburnum gunny 0-60 drops, Sabina 3x - 1 drop, water - 2 ounces - mix them. These are two units. If the bleeding has started and there is severe pain, then give it one by one within every 3-3 hours. • Viburnum guni Q - 5 drops, Eletris pharynosa Q - 2 drops, Colophyllum Q - 2 drops, Cannabis Indica Q - 3 drops, Sabina Q - 1 drop, Aqua - 1 oz. Mix them. This is a quantity. If symptoms of miscarriage are appearing or there is a possibility, then give 1-1 dose every 3-3 hours. Meet Gay Singles Now On Blued. Gay love without limits
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