Chandrika Kumar (Ayurveda) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
58/y/o with intermittent urinary retention and constipation from past few months. The patients PSA was 0.344 and imaging on CT showed a mass on the lung and an enlarged prostate of 16.1cm × 11.3cm × 17.3cm (1,637 cc's) with the 17.3 cm aspect of the prostate growing cranio-caudal into the bladder and lateral to the urethra. The prostate tissue was STAT6 (-) and desmin (-) and, CD34, bcl2 and CD99 (+) which are markers for the specific tissue type, but indirectly diagnosed by its metastasis to the lung tissue that showed STAT6 (+) and also indirectly desmin (-) Suggest what can be done in such case?
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