Dr.Manjula (Organon of Medicine with Homoeopathic Philosophy (Homeopathy)) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A aged male pt vth no history of DM ,HTN aged abt 80 yrs complaining of blakish discouloration of both legs till foot since 10yrs .It is gradually progressive frst strted vth right leg later to both legs. Initially he used mediciations bt nw using various herbal n external applications vth no desired results on examination the effected part is complete blakness of skin, peeling of skin, dry in nature+++, hard and heaviness if the part < more in winter season past history- He was affected vth polio at the age of 3 vth loss of power in both limbs underwent cardiac stent in 2002 no specific desires n aversions bowels - constipated thermal - ambithermal mental generals- He worked n retired as an cheif executive engineer ..he was very stubborn n authoritative both at home n at office...he has a specific fear that people who don't like him vl bakstab r murder him becoz he can't able to defend himself as he was physically challenged.. Remedy prescribed- PLUMBUM- 200- 1 dose plum is one amng the heaviest metal vth feeling like ruler r shows bossism sphere of action- affections vth spinal cord on repertorization I got ARSALB,SECALE,PLUM in frst grade for blakish discouloration n for dry skin.... surprisingly I never thought of plum ...other two drugs doesn't have any modalities to tally bowels- constipated In phatak repert- fear- assassination- PLUM is the only remedy here cones the improvement vthin 2 mnths that's the beauty of HOMOEOPATHY as well as vth the help of REPERTORY which helps to solve the case....
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