Dr. Shoaib Aslam (General Practice) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Female patient of age 75 comes in opd with complain of body pain weakness and bilateral lower leg edema *Chief Complaints* Mild fever Body pain Lower leg edema Weakness Backache Low urine output *Vitals* Bp140/90 *Physical Examination* Weak *Investigations* Cbc: lymphocytes:50 Kft: Blood urea:75 Serum creatinine:1.69 BUN:35.8 LFT: ALP: 104 *Diagnosis* Akd??? Uti?? *Management* I provide Tab amlo 5mg bd Cap:Omez dsr bd Syrup:Iron od Tab:dolo 500 mg Tab: cefexime 200 bd for 5 days Bp in control Fever not come but swelling Persist. What to do next
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