Dr. Debasish Sasmal (Homoeopathic Repertory (Homeopathy)) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A 23 years man came with painless eruption with watery discharge for 5 days. History of illness- history of sexual intercourse with his girlfriend 1 month ago. past illness- UTI jaundice dengue piles severe cough - high level of IgG level Generalities- hot pt. tendency to take cold ( allergic tendency) Appetite- good craving- warm foods, non veg thirst- lass, tongue- white costed stool- regular, some times Constipated, offensive smell urine. - burning smell sleep- less mind- want a group of people, like noise anger violent but no destructive Nature fear only ghost what is the diagnosis? what will be the similimum? please share your views in this case.
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