Dr. Shoaib Aslam (General Practice) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Female patient comes in opd with cimplain of Headache and acidity and flatulance Since long Taking medication from saveral hospital but symptoms reappear after stop medication *Chief Complaints* Headache Acidity Flatulance *History* History of taking thyrox 50 since 5 years *Vitals* Bp: 130/86 Pulse: 84 *Physical Examination* Conscious orianted Medium body type *Investigations* Mcv: 82 Lymphocyte: 46 Tryglyceride: 185 Lft and thyroid profile within normal limits Above reportd dated 05/10/2020 Usg: grade 1 fatty liver Endoscopy done three years ago and have conclusion of Hiatus hernia with esophagitis Dated 10/01/2017 *Management* I start Tab: thyrox 25 one bbf Syrup: cremaffin 5 ml bd Tab: vertin 8 mg bd Cap pantocid dsr before dinner Tab: liv 52 one bd If anyone wants to give more suggestion please proceed. I want healthy discussion
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