Dr. Iqbal Sayyed (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Introduction- In this disease, first of all, dusty or purple colored small eruptions appear on the skin. Bleeding takes place from the skin and mucus membranes. After bleeding, the skin is turned into dusty appearance. That’s why; this disease is called ‘Purpura’. Different symptoms are found in the patient suffering from this disease like- feeling over thirst, appearing dusty eruptions on many parts of the body in which, they have neither itching sensation nor they mature. These eruptions are pressed by pressing. Black spots are fallen even after little injury on the body. In this disease, different symptoms are found like- bleeding, , deficiency of blood in the body, swelling of the joints with pain in them, etc. There are mainly three types of purpura:- Simplex (normal) Purpura- In this stage, only eruptions appears. Hemorrhagic Purpura- In this stage, eruptions, filled with blood, appear from which blood goes on coming out. Blood comes out continuously from tooth root, brain, stomach, liver, lungs, urinary gland and from the internal organs of the body. Violent pain occurs in the stomach. Rheumatic Purpura- In this stage, symptoms of acute (new) rheumatism are found with fever. Use of different drugs in Normal purpura:- 1. Arnica- In this case, black spots appear on the skin and the patient feels such pain as if someone has beaten him. Thus, Arnica should be given in such symptoms. 2. Acon- If the patient is suffering from purpura and symptoms of eruptions with fever are found, taking Acon 3x is very effective. In this case, taking Bell, Sulph-ac, Merc or Rhus-tox, etc. is also very effective. Use of different drugs in Hemorrhagic Purpura:- 1. Phosphorus- In this case, if the patient is suffering from bleeding from his nose and gums, fast heartbeats, yellow skin, bleeding from skin just after getting even little hurt, etc., taking Phosphorus 3 is very effective. 2. Crotalus- In this case, if bleeding goes on taking place with disordering in blood, Crotalus 3 should be used. 3. Lachesis- If the patient is suffering from bleeding in black appearance, tiredness, pain like beating, etc., taking Lachesis 6 is very beneficial to cure disease. Use of different drugs in rheumatic purpura:- 1. Aconite- In this case, if the patient has suffered from fever and pain with stiffness in the body, Aconite 3 should be taken. 2. Merc-bi- If the patient suffering from excess heat, inability to tolerate cold, burning sensation and wounds in the mouth, aggravation of disease at night, etc., Merc-bi 6 should be used. 3. Rhus-venenata- If different symptoms occur in this case like- restlessness, stiffness in the body, aggravation of pain while taking rest, etc., taking the mother tincture of Rhus-venenata is beneficial. 4. Apis- If swelling has come in this case, Apis 3 is very beneficial for the patient. 5. Arsenic- If a person has suffered from this disease and symptoms like- fever, faded and sad face, etc., are found, using Arsenic 3x or 6 is very effective. Note- The patient should follow healthy rules, live in open air and should walk for a little while in sunlight; the patient should live in such a house where sufficient sunlight comes and he should also take nutritive fruits.
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