Manya Sharma (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
The patient came to me with the complaint of severe itching and discharge from the eruptions on the left forearm. The patient had multiple scattered red eruptions on the left arm. *Chief Complaints* Oozing of transparent,watery fluid from some of the vesicles. No smell from the discharge. *History* It all started when the patient got wet in rain 5 days back . As the patient had recently got this tattoo on his arm ,it was advised to keep it dry but due to some circumstances the patient got wet .Since then the eruptions appear on the arm and he also got fever . He was advised for citrezene by a doctor but got no relief .Now the major problem with this patient is extensive itching and the appearance of the hand. *Vitals* Temp 99.2° F Pulse 74 R.R 14 B.P 124/82 *Physical Examination* No swelling of the hand No erythema Skin moist *Management* I gave him Rhus tox 30 bds And now i m waiting for the eruptions to fade away. Then i m planning to start with Hepar suplh to dry up. Dear Drs, Correct me if I'm wrong and please advice me regarding the selection of remedy and its dosage.
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