Kharadi Dhaval (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Mental complain Pt is 40 years old , diabetec pt RBS-250 Physical symptoms÷ Waight - 80 kg Pt always wants to eat Canine hunger Can't sleep in night Don't want to any type of work Shameless person At home uncover his body only in underwear Playing with fingers in air like something writing Also complain about night fall Sometime urinate in bed Pt always laughing lonely Pt sites one side and thinking,and thinking , -Mental symptoms Pt always thinks that he can't done anything big like accident,or kill etc. Wants for power No head or foot of his talks Pt don't know what to say when to say Angry on small things Pt done big big calculation Pt have no clue of time Fear of dark, fear of being poisoning,fear of theives --which drug ??? Look like hayos??
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