Dr. Iqbal Sayyed (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Introduction: Carelessness of any disease of anus becomes the cause of anus’ cancer. For example, if a person has been suffering from bleeding from the anus, piles, fistula and he pays no attention on it, such kinds of diseases can be the cause of anus’ cancer. Treatment with different medicines: 1. Ruta The use of the medicine Ruta-6 is very beneficial if there is cancer in the anus. When the patient of this disease suffers from such kinds of symptoms as pain in the anus, evacuation of stool with difficulty and stool evacuates only by pressure. The patient suffers from constipation and he evacuates mucus with stool alternatively. Different portions of the intestines can come into the grip of cancer. The use of Ruta-6 will provide relief to the victim. If a woman suffers from prolapsus ani with each times of evacuation after delivery and her anus comes out when she bends, the use of the medicine named Ruta 6 will be more beneficial. 2. Hydrastis: If the patient of this disease feels pain in the anus, the use of the medicine Hydratis will be beneficial. Its use lasts good impact over the mucus membranes. There is a mucus membrane on the anus and therefore the patient should take the medicine named Hydratis’ mother tincture or Hydratis-30 to get relief. There is looseness in the membrane of anus of the patient and because of this reason a kind of thick and yellow secretion like thread excretes from the anus. This secretion can be excreted from the different portions of the body as stomach, uterus, ureter, anus and throat. In this case, the patient should take Hydratis’ mother tincture or Hydratis-30.   3. Alumina: The medicine Alumina is very useful for the treatment of cancer of the anus. A patient of this disease has to give excessive pressure whether the stool is hard or soft when he evacuates stool. If there are such kinds of symptoms, he should take the medicine Alumina 6 or 30 to get relief. The patient has such kinds of symptoms as dry stool, hard stool, and pain in the anus, burning sensation at the mouth of anus, pain at the mouth of the anus before some time of evacuation and when the patient sits for evacuation, he has to give excessive pressure for evacuation. The patient should take Alumina 6-30 to get relief. 4. Nitric acid: If the patient of this disease does not get relief by the use of Alumina and he has been suffering from pain in the anus like a wound, he should take Nitric Acid to get relief. If there are cracks in the anus, this medicine will also prove beneficial.   5. Skirinum: If the patient does not get relief by the use of Nitric Acid, Alumina, Hyydratis or Ruta, he should take Skirinum while taking above mentioned medicines but this medicine should take once within 10-15 days. Take 200 potencies of this medicine for the treatment. It is the nausod of the disease named cancer. This medicine is very beneficial for those patients who have the symptoms of cancer.   6. Sanivaneria  Mother tincture of Sanivaneria or Sanivaneria-6 proves very beneficial for the treatment of anus cancer.
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