Dr. Abrar Ahmed Khan (Dentistry) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Interesting case - 14 year old Girl Came to clinic with unbearable pain in lower left back region with unable to speak and shivering and high grade fever due to tooth pain , 36 was carious mesially but also mobile a bit more than grade 1 , along with 36 , 34 and 35 also grade 1 mobile , and almost all teeth are slightly mobile but surprisingly no periodontal pocket in any tooth and no intraoral or extra oral swelling but 36 was Super TOP , i immediately did IOPA which is here ,i did emergency Access opening of 36 and found necrotic pulp with no bleeding in any canal , also furcation area looking radiolucent , what you people think Why her teeth are mobile , is this the case of juvenile osteoporosis ??
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