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Friends today I am discussing about diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Which can be co related. Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Is There a Connection? Although diabetes and erectile dysfunction (ED) are two separate conditions, they tend to go hand-in-hand. ED is defined as having difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. Men who have diabetes are two to three times more likely to develop ED. When men ages 45 and under develop ED, it may be a sign of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes occurs when you have too much sugar circulating in your bloodstream. There are two main types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes, which affects less than 10 percent of those who have diabetes, and type 2 diabetes, which accounts for over 90 percent of diabetes cases. Type 2 diabetes often develops as a result of being overweight or inactive. Approximately 30 million Americans have diabetes, and about half of them are men. An estimated 10 percent of men ages 40 to 70 have severe ED, and another 25 percent have moderate ED. ED tends to become more common as men age, though it isn’t an inevitable part of aging. For many men, other health conditions, such as diabetes, contribute to the likelihood of developing ED. What the research says The Boston University Medical Center reports that about half of men who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes will develop ED within five to 10 years of their diagnosis. If those men also have heart disease, their odds of becoming impotent are even greater. However, the results of a 2014 study suggest that if you have diabetes but adopt a healthier lifestyle, you may reduce your diabetes symptoms and improve your sexual health. These lifestyle habits include eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise. What causes ED in men with diabetes? The connection between diabetes and ED is related to your circulation and nervous system. Poorly controlled blood sugar levels can damage small blood vessels and nerves. Damage to the nerves that control sexual stimulation and response can impede a man’s ability to achieve an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Reduced blood flow from damaged blood vessels can also contribute to ED. Risk factors for erectile dysfunction There are several risk factors that can increase your chance of diabetes complications, including ED. You may be more at risk if you: have poorly managed blood sugar are stressed have anxiety have depression eat a poor diet aren’t active are obese smoke drink excessive amounts of alcohol have uncontrolled hypertension have an abnormal blood lipid profile take medications that list ED as a side effect take prescription drugs for high blood pressure, pain, or depression Diagnosing erectile dysfunction If you notice a change in the frequency or duration of your erections, tell your doctor or make an appointment with a urologist. It may not be easy to bring up these issues with your doctor, but reluctance to do so will only prevent you from getting the help that you need. Your doctor can diagnose ED by reviewing your medical history and assessing your symptoms. They will likely perform a physical exam to check for possible nerve problems in the penis or testicles. Blood and urine tests can also help diagnose problems such as diabetes or low testosterone. They may be able to prescribe medication, as well as refer you to a healthcare professional specializing in sexual dysfunction. Several treatment options exist for ED. Your doctor can help you find the best option for you. If you haven’t experienced any symptoms of ED, but you have been diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease, you should discuss the possibility of a future diagnosis with your doctor. They can help you determine which preventive steps you can take right now. Check out: Blood tests for erectile dysfunction » Treating erectile dysfunction If you’re diagnosed with ED, your doctor will likely recommend an oral medication, such as sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), or vardenafil (Levitra). These prescription medications help improve blood flow to the penis and are generally well-tolerated by most men. Having diabetes shouldn’t interfere with your ability to take one of these medications. They don’t interact negatively with diabetes drugs, such as Glucophage (metformin) or insulin. Although there are other ED treatments, such as pumps and penile implants, you may want to try an oral medication first. These other treatments typically aren’t as effective and may cause additional complications. Diabetes is a chronic health condition that you will have for life, though both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be well-controlled through medications, proper diet, and exercise. Although ED can become a permanent condition, this typically isn’t the case for men who experience occasional erectile difficulties. If you have diabetes, you may still be able to overcome ED through a lifestyle that includes sufficient sleep, no smoking, and stress reduction. ED medications are usually well-tolerated, and can be used for many years to help overcome any ED problems. How to prevent erectile dysfunction There are several lifestyle changes that you can make to not only help with diabetes management, but also to lower your risk of ED. You can: Control your blood sugar through your diet. Eating a diabetes-friendly diet will help you better control your blood sugar levels and lessen the amount of damage to your blood vessels and nerves. A proper diet geared at keeping your blood sugar levels in check can also improve your energy levels and mood, both of which can help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. You may consider working with a dietitian who is also a certified diabetes educator to help adjust your eating style. Cut back on alcohol consumption. Drinking more than two drinks per day can damage your blood vessels and contribute to ED. Being even mildly intoxicated can also make it hard to achieve an erection and interfere with sexual function. Stop smoking. Smoking narrows the blood vessels and decreases the levels of nitric oxide in your blood. This decreases blood flow to the penis, worsening erectile dysfunction. Get active. Not only can adding regular exercise to your routine help you control your blood sugar levels, but it can also improve circulation, lower stress levels, and improve your energy levels. All of these can help combat ED. Get more sleep. Fatigue is often to blame for sexual dysfunction. Ensuring that you get enough sleep each night can lower your risk of ED. Keep your stress level down. Stress can interfere with sexual arousal and your ability to get an erection. Exercise, meditation, and setting aside time to do the things that you enjoy can help to keep your stress levels down and lessen your risk of ED. If you’re developing symptoms of anxiety or depression, consult your doctor. They may be able to refer you to a therapist who can help you work through anything that is causing you stress. Homoeopathic medicines Uranium Nitricum Uranium Nitricum is indicated when diabetes mellitus co-exist with hypertension and heart failure. Anyone of these three conditions is capable of causing ED in any individual. With the three conditions together in one individual, Sexual Dysfunction is almost always ensured. The patient who needs Uran-n complains of copious urination, with urine that smells fishy. It is aggravated mainly at night. He has excessive thirst, nausea and vomiting. His appetite is great; eating is followed by bloating of the abdomen and flatulence. He is emaciated; has ascites and is debilitated. The generative organs feel cold, relaxed and are sweaty. Lycopodium Clavatum Generally Lycopodium is indicated in deep-seated, progressive, chronic disease. It would be indicated in Diabetes where there is emaciation accompanying other typical diabetic symptoms in a Lyc. patient, such as: Dryness of mouth, throat and tongue without thirst for water. There is a desire for sweet things and warm drinks. The polyuria is predominantly at night; the urine may be red with sediment. Appetite is usually absent, or he may be hungry to the extent of waking up at night to eat. He often complains of heartburn, sour eructations and flatulence. On the sexual sphere, Lyc. more often, has erection failure when he is with his wife. He performs relatively better with a new partner. Although he has a strong sexual desire, he suffers from incomplete erections; sometimes falling asleep during an embrace. Diminished sexual power is mainly due to cold, relaxed sexual organs. Iodium The Iodine patient is the one suffering from profound debility. He emaciates to a skeleton despite a voracious appetite and eating well. In this patient, both the thirst and appetite are increased considerably; he feels better from eating. The slightest effort induces profuse perspiration. There is frequent and profuse urination; the urine is dark yellowish-green and thick. Furthermore, the patient who needs Iodine suffers from atrophy of the testicles, when all other glands enlarge, eg: the prostate gland. This atrophy is the factor associated with the loss of sexual power. Phosphoricum Acidum The Ph-ac. patient has a pale sickly complexion. His hair has turned grey. He has a hopeless, haggard look. His eyes are sunken and surrounded by blue rings. His state of debility is attributed to loss of body fluids and the effects of chronic grief. He has profuse urination of clear, watery urine, especially at night. It tends to be milky at times. Ph-ac. suffers from seminal emissions without erections. He is debilitated from loss of body fluids. The patient feels depressed and apathetic. He has a history of sexual excesses. Semen is discharged without an erection or shortly after erection. He experiences dragging pains in the testicles. Argentum Metallicum Arg-met is indicated for Diabetes Mellitus that is concomitant with joint problems, and complicated by Sexual Dysfunction. This is particularly in view of its affinities for the joints and the sex organs. It has affinities particularly for the small blood vessels; closing them up; hence its indications for sexual dysfunction. The urine is profuse, turbid and has a sweet odour. There is frequency of urination and polyuria. The subject emaciates gradually; he is easily worn-out; forcing him to lie down. He has seminal emissions without sexual excitement or erection. There is atrophy of the penis and crushing pains in the testicles. Phaseolus Nanus Phase has an elective affinity for the heart and the prostate gland. Boericke describes it as being indicated for diabetes that is accompanied by heart symptoms such as “fearful palpitations and a feeling that death is approaching”. There is oedema of the extremities with irregular action of the heart. Clinically, prostate disease, heart disease and diabetes are factors known to individually contribute to sexual dysfunction. On the basis of “Like Cures Like”, it is not surprising that Phase has been found to be effective in the treatment of ED due to Diabetes Mellitus. The remedy is indicated for all three conditions in the same person, symptoms agreeing. Coca Coca is regarded as a specific remedy for Erectile Dysfunction due to Diabetes mellitus. Although many practitioners can back up the latter statement with clinical data, not many authorities have written about their experience with this remedy, nor is it well documented in the various works of Materia Medica. The Diabetes symptoms recorded are: Frequency of micturition Bad effects of alcohol and tobacco Loss of appetite The most important symptom that always comes up implying loss of libido is the sensation “As if the penis were absent” Moschus Moschus, like Coca, has been acclaimed for curing Sexual Dysfunction due to diabetes. Lippe describes it as having special effects on the sexual organs and nerves of motion. Profuse urine with a strong odour; great thirst and emaciation. Debility that is felt more at rest than during motion. Vertigo on least motion The Materia Medica quotes that its Impotence is associated with Diabetes. There is violent desire and intensive sexual excitement with involuntary emissions of semen; and poor performance. In extreme cases, there is total loss of sexual desire.
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