Dr. Pravin Kumar Jha (Internal Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Pt 14/M c/ o sudden onset (since 2hrs) of severe chest pain , swelling neck , sob, restlessness. On Auscultation: tachycardia, creps& wheeze. On palpation: crepitations over neck & chest wall. K/c Rhinosinusitis ( with b/l tonsillitis) & DNS . Cxr: b/l infiltration ( no pneumothorax) ECHO ... Normal ECG ..sinus tachycardia Blood reports including covid .. awaiting. No H/O recent medications/ drug abuse. No fever & cough . T/t started with bronchodilators ( including O2, nebulization)& Antibiotics+ Injection tramazac for pain. .... breathlessness &pain... manage successfully. What about for SUBCUTANEOUS EMPHYSEMA ?? Plz opine.
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