Dr. Iqbal Sayyed (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Introduction: Grey hair is natural in old age but premature greying is a disease. It is called premature greying (palit rog). This disease occurs due to the lack of nutritious elements in the body. Use of different medicines in the condition of grey hair: 1. Thyroidin: If hairs become grey due to old age, first of all the patient should take Thyroidin 30 and then take Thyroidin 200 once a week for getting relief. This medicine should take for 6-7 weeks continuously. 2. Lycopodium and Acid phos: If a person suffers from grey hair in early age, first of all he should take Lycopodium and then Acid phos. If these medicines make no impression within 3 months, he should take Acid phos after 15 days of Lycopodium for getting relief. The use of these medicines in this way is very effective. 3. Natrum-mur: If hairs become grey due to any chronic disease, he should take Natrum-mur 30. Its use provides a lot of relief. 4. Pilocarpus: If well chosen drugs make no impression in the case of grey hairs, he should take Pilocarpus 1m once in a month continuously for few months. Its use provides relief.
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