Vinod Kasar (Undergraduate Student) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
49 yrs male with no h/o any major illness,refered from other hospital and was diagnosed as PUO with THROMBOCYTOPENIA.c/o fever {on and off}. to rule out cause of fever we done CBC.LFT,RFT,HIV,HBSAG,HCV,CXR,URINE,USG ABDOMEN,CT CHEST,DENGUE ,LEPTO,MP,WIDAL.,ESR,MT.but no focus of any infection.tried all antibiotics like meropenem,lizolid,colistin etc.somehow platelets incresed.patient started persistent hiccups.usg s/o cholelithiasis.blood and urine culture normal.still fever is not subsiding.need ur suggestions.
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