Dr. Shivaji Mallampati (Emergency Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
30 yr old male brought to ED with multiple episodes of seizures since last one week, on the day of arrival since morning patient had four episodes of seizures in between regained consciousness, h/o headache present, no history of vomitings and fever, past history of growth retardation since childhood, and weakness of left upper limb since childhood, history of similar seizure episode one year back subsided with local treatment, on arrival to ED, vitals BP 13/90 mm of hg, PR 69/min, RR 19 /min, a febrile, GRBS 129 mg/dl, CNS pat is conscious and oriented obeying commands, left upper limb power 4/5,pupils b/l equal sluggish reacting, other systemic exam normal, CT brain uploaded, discuss abt diagnosis and management
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