Dr. Muni Raj (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Patients as a complaint of ulceration of leg since 6 year Ulcer heal but reappear of ulcers with itching and some of time swelling is present. I prescribed to patient ℞ Arsenicum album 1M weekly once Graphites 30 (4-0-0) Hamamelis virginiana 30 (0-0-4) C.f 6x (2-2-2) K.s 6x (2-2-2) After the treatment complaint recovery but 6 month of treatment medicine action is not well I think of medicine is wrong but no.After the details analysis of patient is used amrutanjan to her forehead and some some parts of body so the medicine is not working after that Stop that amrutanjan taking regular medicine.Then completely got cured. Now patients medicine is Stop sine 8 month no complaint reaper. *Chief Complaints* Ulcers on her both legs and foot since 6 year *Diagnosis* VASCULITIC ULCERS *Management* Avoid long standing, Avoid shoe
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