Dr. Shoaib Aslam (Family Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Male patient of age 45 *Chief Complaints* Rise in blood sugar Diagnose 2 years ago Weight lose Body pain Excessive Appetite Non healing wound with itching *History* History of taking medication since two years from different hospital but not relief *Vitals* Bp:110/74 Pulse:100 *Physical Examination* Weak *Investigations* Dated 10/11/2020 Cbc: hb11 Platelates:1.80 Esr:35 Hb1ac 9.2 Bs pp:250 Fasting:340 *Diagnosis* Dm 2 *Management* He had taken Galvas met 500/50 one bd Plus Glim 2 one bd On present Rx after blood reports Tab:Glycomet gp2 850/2 one bd Tab:Galvas 50 one bd Cap:meganeuron pg one hs Blood sugar in control after 2 weeks of rx Body pain relief But He suffers loose stools since medication start What to do to maintain body fluid and control loose stool by maintaing tight glycemic control?? Is insulin therepy should advice or not???
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