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Here is a list of psychosomatic disorders. It doesn't mean that each is exclusively psychosomatic, but inclusively; it may not at all be. Your family physician can diagnose it and also, it's sometimes difficult to separate between system nervous, cardiovascular, because, many disorders touch more than one organ. Mental symptoms dominants disorders: Unmad (psychosis), Apasmar (epilepsy) Mada (psycho-enuresis), Murccha (fainting), Anidra (insomnia) etc. Somatic disorders due to psyche: Bhayaj, Shokaj Atisar (nervous diarrhea), Kamaj, Shokaj Jwar (nervous pyrexia). Respiratory disorders: Tamaka swasha (bronchial asthma). Gastrointestinal disorders: Peptic ulcer, Grahani (Irritable bowel syndrome), Colonic disorders as Vivandha (constipation) or Atisar (diarrhea), Bhuktadwesha (Anorexia nervosa). Skin disorders: Anutjata (Urticaria), Ekakustha (Psoriasis). Disorders of muscles and joints: Amavata (Rheumatoid arthritis), Endocrine disorders: Hyperthyroidism, Madhumeha (diabetes mellitus) Cardiovascular disorders: Ucharaktachap (Essential hypertension), Hridyaroga (Coronary diseases and Cerebro-vascular disorders, Shirahshula (migraines). Disorders associated with menstrual and reproductive functions: Amenorrhea, Menorrhagia, Premenstrual tension, Menopausal disorders, premature ejaculations Child psychosomatic troubles : Chronic Abdominal Pain, Enuresis, appetite troubles. <<@#cap Admin Ayurveda|profile|ayurveda>>
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