Dr. Saloni Arora (Dentistry) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Recently diagnosed and treated case of "PYOGENIC GRANULOMA" in upper anterior teeth region in 19 years male also called as 'eruptive hemangioma'-an exophytic reactive fibrovascular growth. Case: Soft,mobile,pedunculated,reddish growth measuring 4.5 mm w.r.t 11 & 21 bleeds profusely on probing, mildly tender present since 8 months causing esthetic problems. Pre-operative IOPA & topographic occlusal showing " slight cupping "of underlying alveolar bone. Excised specimen and histopathology report suggestive of fibro vascular tissue with parakeratanized epithelium, neo-vascularization with no dysplasia changes. Follow-up after 15 days along with Post operative picture showed with complete healing. IOPA showing reduction in cupping defect of alveolar bone w.r.t 11 21. Thank You.
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