Dr. Maqusud Ansari (Emergency Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A 66 years old male patient, complaining č pain abdo. nousea č vomiting, blood in urine, sudden weakness in right upper and right lower limb. CHIEF COMPLAINTS Severe pain during urination č burning , hypertension. OTHERS COMPLAINTS Confusion, restlessness, fatigue, dizziness URL NM LRL NM VITALS BP 170/90 mmHg Pulse 96bpm R/R 20bpm PHYSICAL EXAMINATION CGW Chest B/L clear Abdo. distended DM° COPD° DYSPNEA° PALLOR° Chest pain° Oedema +++ Oedema in feet +++ Afebrile CVS s1 & s2 P Investigation CBC RBS RFT LFT HEPATITIS B & C R/E urine Serum amylase & lipase Usg of whole abdo. CT scan of brain. ECG TREATMENT PPI Levomac Urispas Somazina Tab. Met - XL Tab. Levera Tab. Amiton Cap. Banfo forte Tab. Fenax Cap. Ramcor Cap. Essentiale L Corticosteroids Continue physiotherapy given. Now the patient's condition is stable..... Ahead what will be the best management.
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