Dr. Vaibhav Goyal (General Surgery) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
*Chief Complaint* A 30 y/o female presents with the complaint of severe dyspnea. *History* She is diabetic, non-smoker, non-acoholic female. No other past medical history. Had 1 cesarian delivery 3 years back. Child is healthy. *Vitals* BP: 130/85 mmhg, Respiratory rate: 25 bpm, Pulse: 75 bpm, Temp: 97.9 degree F. *Examination* On physical examination, she was conscious but severely cachectic. *Investigations* Chest x-ray shows haziness in the left lung and multiple nodules. Chest CT scan shows severe left pleural effusion with pulmonary metastases. Ultrasonograghy of abdomen shows a large mass (130*110 mm) in the left kidney. right kidney normal. *Treatment* Need your valuable opinion on the case.
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