Dr. Shoaib Aslam (Family Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Female child age 18 *Chief Complaints* Fever high grade since one week Vomit since two days *History* History of taking Cefpodixime 200 Pcm 500 tds Pan 40 bbf Since one week but no relief *Vitals* Bp:110/70 Temprature:104.2 (03/02/2021) Sp०२: 96 Weight 45kg *Physical Examination* PA soft mild pain over abdomen Pallor+ Anemia+ *Investigations* Investigation Hb:10.8 CRP:24 TLC:2400 Typhi dot IGM and IGG positive widal positive 1/160 Platelates:1.2 lac Serum bilirubin:1.8 *Diagnosis* Enteric fever?? *Management* On Admit 03/02/2021 Inj monocef sb 1g bd Inj pan one bd Inj emeset one bd Inj polybion Inj Tramadol sos Ivf NS ०० After one day of tt Abdomen pain relief No episode of vomiting since 24 hours But fever yet persist 104.0 (6pm today(4/02/2021)
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