Dr. Manorama Rajan (Neurology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
New case. 64 yr ,M, presented with acute onset of pain in the rt occipital area with pain inside the Rt eye of 2 days duration.Two days ago during sleep he got up around 4 AM due to pain in the Rt occipital area.Almost continuous pain, no nausia or vomiting or vertigo .The next day onwards he is having pain in the rt eye as well.Evaluated by the ophthalmologist and ad to change his specracle. Know diabetic since 15 yrs on regular insulin.On exam vitals stable . BP 140/ 90 mmjg . Normal optic fundi. Left homonymous hemianopia noted.No long that signs. No neck stiffness. What abnormality in the MRI brain.
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