Dr. Iqbal Sayyed (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Weariness Treatment of disease with various medicines 1. Sulfur- Weakness of body power after a long illness, feeling of weakness in the stomach in the afternoon which decreases after taking food. In such symptoms, giving Sulfur 30 to the patient is beneficial. 2. Konayam- If the patient suffers from symptoms such as excessive weakness of the hands and feet (Muscular voice capillary of lower extremities), heavy hands and feet, trembling, numbness of the fingers, 30 potency of Konayam drug should be given. 3. Gelsemium- The patient feels his eyes, throat, chest and hands and feet as if he does not know, the patient is not able to walk properly, blood flow in the body is reduced, those who write Cramping in the hands, the patient does not sleep at night due to weakness. Gelsemium drug is good to use in such symptoms. 4. Arnica- Arnica is considered a very effective medicine in the tiredness and heart diseases of wrestler type. One quantity of 30 potency of this drug should be taken till it becomes healthy. Massaging the muscles becomes stronger by applying juice of Arnica in oil. 5. Cali-carb- This drug can be given in the case of physical weakness after a long illness, women after giving birth to a baby or weakness after a miscarriage. Apart from this, there is a pain in the waist, coughing, excessive sweating at night, frequent bleeding from the uterus, excessive amount of urets in the urine, which indicates lack of fibers of the body. Due to this, there is weakness in the body of the patient, the body remains a little tired, the pulse moves very slowly. In such symptoms, if 3x or 30 potency of Kali-carb drug is used, it is good. Caution Cali-carb drug should not be given to the patient again and again and the TB and T.B. Patients should not use it.
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