Dr. Prashant Ved (Emergency Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
62yrs old male known Hypertensive experienced unsteadiness on walking,dizziness,neck pain with left facial numbness 4hours after waking up in the morning.He rapidly become unconscious followed by fits. O/e - Left sided hemiparesis,Plantars - Left extensor,Right - Flexor,Pupils - B/l 7mm NRTL,GCS - E1M3V1,Corneal reflexes were supressed bilaterally,BP - 170/90mmhg,PR -130/mt,Temp - 103°F Neurosurgery opinion were taken and patient is on conservative treatment but fever is not coming down(Tracheal culture send). present status - Patient is conscious following commands, Tracheostmised on RT feed. DIAGNOSIS AND SUGGEST FURTHER MANAGEMENT PLAN?
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