Dr. Saloni Arora (Dentistry) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Good Morning Everyone, Let's discuss this case today...!!! 10 years old female patient who reported with C/O painless swelling over the right lower 1/3rd of face since 5 to 6 months. Extraorally, gross facial symmetry evident on right side along with large solitary diffuse swelling involving right submandibular region & crossing midline. Intraorally there is single oval shaped submucosal whitish swelling present in madibular right vestibular region causing partial obliteration of vestibule. On palpation the swelling is bony hard, nontender with intact overlying mucosa. Mandibular occlusal radiograph reveals homogenous radiolucency with expansion of buccal & lingual cortical plates. OPG reveals mixed dentition with canine & premolars in formative stage, solitary radiolucency with thin sclerotic margins along with slight displacement of teeth. What should be the Provisional Diagnosis & Differential Diagnosis based on clinical and radiographical investigations??? kindly share your views. Thanks.
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