Dr. Manorama Rajan (Neurology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
47 yr ,M,No known comorbidities developed one episode of unprovoked generalised seizure on 12th of july while at work at Dubai. Since 3 months he has been getting occassional bitemporal head ache ,non- throbbing in nature with out any nausia,vomiting,visual symptoms. No precipitating factors for head ache and after applying some balm he used to get relief of head ache.The head ache was not affected his work.Following the seizure he was taken to the hospital and CT brain was done reported as abnormal and was Suggest surgery at his home town. On exam ,vitals normal. BP120/ 80 mmhg.Normal Optic fundi Intact cranial nerves. Motor system gr5 / 5 power with normal DTRs with intact sensations. Gait was normal.Mri brain with contrast done .All routein blood work up including biochemistry did not reveal any abnormalities. What abnormality in the MRI?
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