Dr. Farman Ali (Gastroenterology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Well, for all those of you who have always what a Liver metastatic lesion looks like, here is one. A single CRM in the right lobe, (Segmens 8/5). CRM - Colorectal Mets. The management of solitary lesions secondary to Colorectal cancers is Non anatomical Hepatic Metastatectomy, meaning removal of the lesion with a small portion, over 1 cm of liver mesenchymal margin. Anatomical or Formal Hepatic resections are basically when the surgical trams obtain control over the inflow and outflow of the segmental blood and biliary ductal systems and carry out resections. @therealfarmanali #docfortmeducation #medicalmentors #medicaleducationservice #medicalstudents #medicaleducation Stay Well, Stay Smart.
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