Dr. Biswadip Shyam (Dentistry) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A prime example of negligence. One of my friends gave a call & started discussing about his father's( 70+ age) complaint, in a casual approach, he mentioned about an irregular surface swelling with significant growth since 3 months on lower anterior gum region & teeth mobility which is causing trouble during biting/chewing food. No pain, sensitivity, bleeding, foul odour or visible discharge as such narrated by the patient. So his father (the patient) wanted to visit my clinic for dental extraction, assuming this Rx plan would heal the disease. I replied ok fine you can surely visit.. but then i questioned whether you have any adverse oral habits on which he replied yes, i often keep Khaini in that location!! I said ok, can you send me few images,.. viewing them.. my provisional diagnosis was unfortunately the one that i feared & my mind dint want to.. SCC-GBS (suspected) Later referred the case to Cancer hospital for Biopsy & further management. Reports awaited.
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