Dr. Farman Ali (Gastroenterology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
THE LARGEST LIVER TUMOUR... EVER...!! This was a case of a 70 year old male with an abdominal lump. Evaluation revealed a most likely Hepatocellular Carcinoma (resectable). On the operating table, this was the tumour (one of the largest liver tumours) 24*27*20 cm in its original dimension, with highly dense and extensive tumor angiogenesis. 8 hours and 3 surgeons later, we were able to successfully remove the tumour, although he was revived with a successful CPR by our Anesthesia team when he arrested on removal of the tumour. (Such large rumours store a pretty big proportion of the circulating volume of blood, on removal of the tumour, that blood subtracts away from the overall circulatory volume, therefore chances of a cardiac arrest during to sudden hypovolemia is a likely possibility). There is no literature so as to mention the size of the largest Liver tumour ever resected successfully... We wonder if this is it..? No way to know..!!
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