Dr. Prakash Darji (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
One acute case with symtoms like covid 19 Pt having complain of breathing problm with throat pain... With severe vommiting history.. Fever with chill and heat stage... More then 102. With profound weekness... Go to md and md have more dout and suggest more report so.comes me for online consulting base for what do further... I take history with fasting after all happen.. Need to cover body with fever.. And on above all symtoms. I prisribe nux vom 5doses 1hourly repited and inform. Me... Mind blowing response.. All symtoms gone.. Slight fever.. No chill.. Bitterness mouth gone.. Asthmatic feeling gone.. Nothing mutch found then slight rising temp .sleepy pt.. due to lithargy prominat... I repited it's next day two dose.. And next day one dose... Steel. Some. Rising temp found.. And not covered weekness.. I change medicin and given ars alb. One dose morning... Weekness good.. Slight rising temp Ripited ars alb second dose.. Then there is cure of fever... This is the homeopathy... Work beyond limit just we go deep level to vitality....
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