Dr. Dawood Khan (General Practice) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
36 yrs male came today 12:30Am with complain of sudden onset of headache with blood pressure sutap no nausea and vomiting no chest pain palpitations no other significant complain . No/h/o htn/dm/ihd O/e *BP 240/150 Hgt 130 Spo2 96 Pul 116 CVS /cns nad Rs clear CT brain done -wnl Cxr -wnl WBC 10,100 Hb 14 Pcv 41.6 Plt 223000 Shot 19 / PT 40 Creat 1.5 blood urea 38 Cardiac marker -wnl Rx given after admission Stamlo 5 dipin10 lasix 40mg alprex 0.5 NTG 25/50 .5ml/hr repeat *dipin10mg at 5am Inj perfolgan stat 11:30am lasix 20mg stat dipin 10mg alprex 0.5 mg stat 11:30am Tab ecosprin 300+clop300+atorva80 Inj clexan 0.6 mg s/c BD 2pm .Met-xl 50mg at 4pm BP not control and unable to sleep kindly give your openion
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