Dr. Raj Sharma (Internal Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
*Chief Complaint* A 36-year-olld male presents with h/o asthma came with cough & Sob with fever for 10 days. *Vitals* BP: 125/85 mmhg, Resp rate: 27 bpm, Pulse: 73 b/min, Temp: 101.9 degree Ox saturation 87% on room. *Examination* Lung examination shows diffuse b/l crackles. Cardiac & abdominal examination normal. *Investigations* Chest xray shows diffuse bilateral nodules, groundglass opacification & pleural effusions. Hb: 14.5 g/dl Platlets: 165,000 WBC: 7500/µl. *Diagnosis* What is the most probable diagnosis? *Treatment* Advise the management of the case?
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