Dr. Shivraj Agarwal (General Practice) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Pt did not have any complaint 2308 2020 his office colleague found positive So he himself went to self quarantine and subjected to test on 27082020 He too found positive Hence he got him admitted at covid care centre He is treated with multivitamins only no detail investigations as he was asymptomatic Discharged day before yesterday He is asymptomatic till to day *History* Kco diabetes 2t On rx but irregular under c/o diabetologist He is young 27yr male unmarried *Vitals* Normal insignificant except uncontrolled diabetes *Physical Examination* Telephonic consultation was given as per telemedicine hence not seen physically *Investigations* Despite pt has no complaints and discharged from covid care centre I ordered the list of investigations not done during hospitalisation and noted the sea changes all are posted for your consideration *Diagnosis* Covid19 pneumonitis *Management* To day rehospitalised in morning for further action Open for your discussion My questions are 1 asymptomatic case having adverse chest signs 2 shouldn't he been investigated during hospitalisation 3Is multivitamins are treatment in protocol 4 is not a medical negligence if casualty happens
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