Dr. Gunjan Toora (Ophthalmology) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
33 yo female presents today for a recheck on right eye irritation x 5 days. Pt was seen 2 days prior and disgnoised with bacterial conjunctivitis and given Gentamicin drops. Pt states that she has been having right eye irritation with mild pain, slightly blurred vision, lid erythema with mild edema, excessive tearing, puruitis, headache. Noted on exam mild papillary reaction, hyperemia, mild photophobia, right sided perauricular lymphadneopathy, mild chemosis. Vision: OD: 20/30 OS: 20/40. Pt states that she feels like she is starting to get symptoms on the left side as well. No foreign bodies seen on lid eversion. No defects noted on fluroscene stain. Rest of exam normal. No PMHx no other current medications. No contact lenses. DDX? Tests? Tmt?
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