Dr. Prashant Ved (Emergency Medicine) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A 58yrs old Hypertensive male presented to casualty with Sudden onset headache and vomitting followed by deep coma and irregular respiration.He was intubated and ventilated in casualty for airway protection given his decreased level of Consciousness.NEUROSURGEON HAS SEEN THE CASE explained poor prognosis and Advice surgery, Relatives not willing for surgery.Only palliative care. *Chief Complaints* Headache, vomitting *History* Bipolar disorder + HTN *Vitals* BP - 210/100,Temp - 100,HR -120,RR -32 *Physical Examination* Left hemiplegia,Pupils - B/l Semidilated fixed non reactive,GCS - E1M2V1 *Investigations* CT scan head(plan)
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