Dr. Somesh Sharma (General Practice) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
*Chief Complaint* A 76 year old male presents with the complaint of continuous chest pain for 6 hours. The pain was mild initially which increased to 8/10 after 5 hours. *History* He has h/o myocardial infarction. *Vitals* VItals shows BP: 100/60 mmhg, Breaths: 23 breaths/min, HR: 120 bpm with dyspnea. *Investigations* ECG was done which shows elevation of ST-segment in leads I and aVL and depression of ST-segment in lead II, III, and aVF. Echocardiography shows significant pericardial effusion & ventricular hypertrophy. *Treatment* What is your opinion on the management?
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