Dr. Ajeet Singh (General Practice) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
A 28 year old female housewife by profession *Chief Complaints* Complaints of 7 to 8 episodes of loose motions, 2 to 3 episodes of vomiting and mild abdominal discomfort with vertigo, weakness and dryness of mouth too She had tried Norflox TZ before coming to me but it came out due to vomiting *Physical Examination* Temp - Afebrile BP - 110/80 PR - 110/min *Management* I had started her on IV plus oral IV ceftriaxone-sulbactum 1.5 gm BD, IV Oflox 100ml BD, IV Perinorm 1 amp IM stat, IV pantoprazole 40mg IV 12 hourly, IV Anafortan 1amp IM 12 hourly, Cap Redotil 100mg TDS After three doses of all above mentioned, she was feeling better, I had done her CBC and TLC were 14,500. Shall I progress with the same treatment or change ABs?
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