Dr. Parveen Yograj (General Surgery) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Unilateral lower limb oedema *Chief Complaints* Unilateral left whole limb oedema- 15 days,duration *History* 15 days,back - 50 years male development sudden onset left lower limb oedema of whole limb *Vitals* All vitals are normal *Physical Examination* Left lower limb swelling uniform- from inguinal region to foot - left inguinal lymph nodes are palpable *Investigations* Colour doppler study of left lower limb is normal No DVT Left inguinal lymph nodes are seen F.N.A.C of inguinal lymph nodes - report is awaited *Diagnosis* Needs to be established as F.N.A.C of inguinal lymph nodes is awaited *Management* Opinions are awaited from experts in curofy
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