Dr. Iqbal Sayyed (Homeopathy) needs a second opinion on this medical case.
Homeopathy - hysteria is a type of mental disease that occurs mostly to women (especially young women). Causes- disturbances of menstruation, any kind of sexual dysfunction, lack of nutritious food, excessive labor, excessive silence, mental bereavement, lack of satisfaction in sexual intercourse, family - always getting neglect in society etc. Symptoms- In this, the patient has a kind of attack. During a seizure, symptoms such as body cramps, red face, fistula, flatulence in the abdomen, dizziness, fall, strange movements etc. appear. Faintness, delirium, tremor in the body, etc. may also occur during the seizures. Ignacia 3x - 5 drops, Asaphytida 6-5 drops, Mascus Ton 30-5 drops, Black Phos 12X - 5 grains, Sugar of Milk - 30 grains - Mix it. These are three units. Giving three doses daily helps to relieve hysteria. If the patient has become unconscious during seizures, giving one dose of it senses sensation.
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